Jim Matheos
Current Guitars
All guitars currently in use.

1991 PRS Artist Series - Blue

My main studio and live gtr since 1992. This is production # 66 in the original Artist Series.

1991 PRS Standard - Black

This one gets used a lot for clean and Strat type sounds because of the split coil option.

2004 PRS Brazilian Custom 24 - Natural

Used primarily for dropped D tunings.

2008 PRS Hollowbody - Black

I use this a lot for semi-dirty/clean sounds and the occasional slide guitar section.

2009 PRS McCarty SC-245 - Sunburst

My choice when I want something with a less saturated, more vintage tone.

1974 Gibson SG -Walnut

My first "real" guitar. Doesn't get much use these days, but I try to use it at least once on every record.

1998 Godin LGX - Black

A gift from my friend and former guitar tech, Takumi. I use this a lot for clean sounds in the studio, running the piezo pickup mono and dry, and the electric output to some stereo effect (e.g. Arch/Matheos- Neurotically Wired intro, OSI- Stockholm).

1988 Ovation Elite 6 string - Natural

My main acoustic from 1988 until the late 90s. I still use it a lot for writing and demos, but if I have any serious recording to do I'll usually borrow a Taylor or something.

1984 Ovation Custom Balladeer 12 string - Natural

This guitar is pretty beat up but I still use it a lot. Sounds nice and is easy to play for a 12-string. Chasing Time, Eye To Eye, Island In The Stream…

1973 Alvarez Yairi 5036 Classical

My first and only classical guitar. Still gets a lot of use.

1995 Hand Made Bouzouki

Made for me by my friend and former guitar tech, Ed Picard. You can hear it on the Fates Warning song Heal Me, OSI- All Gone Now (with lots of distortion), and OSI - No Celebrations.

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