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Year Band Album Comments
2024 North Sea Echoes Really Good Terrible Things
2022 Kings of Mercia Kings of Mercia
2021 Tuesday The Sky The Blurred Horizon
2020 Fates Warning Long Day Good Night
2019 Arch / Matheos Winter Ethereal
2019 Tim Bowness Flowers At The Scene Guitar on “Rainmark”, guitar solo on the title track “Flowers At The Scene”, and verse guitars on “It’s The World
2018 goestoeleven Try Me Recorded guitars for this cover of UFO’s “Try Me”
2018 Fates Warning Live Over Europe
2017 Fates Warning Awaken The Guardian – Live
2017 Tuesday The Sky Drift
2016 Fates Warning Theories Of Flight
2016 Headless Melt The Ice Away Guitar on the track “Frame”
2014 Jim Matheos Halo Effect
2013 Fates Warning Darkness In A Different Light
2012 OSI Fire Make Thunder
2011 Memories Of Machines Warm Winter Guitar atmospherics on the track “Something In Our Lives”
2011 Arch / Matheos Sympathetic Resonance
2009 OSI Blood
2006 OSI Re: Free An EP of remixes from the album Free.
2006 OSI Free
2005 Fates Warning Live In Athens [Video]
2004 Fates Warning FWX
2003 Fates Warning The View From Here [Video]
2003 Gordian Knot Emergent Guitar on tracks “Fischer’s Gambit”, “Some Brighter Thing” and “Singing Deep Mountain”
2003 OSI Office Of Strategic Influence
2003 John Arch A Twist of Fate
2000 Fates Warning Holy Dio (A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio) Fates Warning covered the Black Sabbath track “Sign Of The Southern Cross” for this compilation.
2000 Fates Warning Disconnected
2000 Fates Warning Live at the Dynamo [Video]
1999 Jim Matheos Away With Words
1998 Fates Warning Still Life
1998 Fates Warning A Pleasant Shade Of Gray (Live) [Video]
1997 Fates Warning A Tribute To Judas Priest (Legends Of Metal) Fates Warning covered the track “Saints In Hell” for this compilation.
1997 Fates Warning A Pleasant Shade Of Gray
1996 Fates Warning Workingman (A Tribute To Rush) Fates Warning covered the track “Closer To The Heart” for this compilation.
1995 Fates Warning Chasing Time
1994 Fates Warning Inside Out
1993 Jim Matheos First Impressions
1991 Fates Warning Parallels
1989 Fates Warning Perfect Symmetry
1988 Fates Warning No Exit
1986 Fates Warning Awaken The Guardian
1985 Fates Warning The Spectre Within
1984 Fates Warning Night On Bröcken
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